Evil Impulses.
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"I want you to step on me and tell me im worthless."
- Anonymous

"Would you consider posting a classic burlesque-style nude photoset of yourself?"
- Anonymous

I don’t see anything wrong in doing so but I have no ambition to.

"How did you begin creating the art you do?"
- wanderingjewess

I went to a general University for fine art. I never really had a particular medium that I found myself to excel within. I was very average at almost everything. My best critiques came from installations of work I made. It wasn’t until I started printmaking that I realized how much I enjoy the laboured, ritualistic methods of print. That combined with my natural talent of being an amazing hoarder gave me a very obsessive compulsive method for arranging, building, and displaying. I find great comfort in arranging objects until they look, feel, and create an atmosphere that is just right. I’ve always been really attentive to the way objects and space create feelings of grandeur and overwhelmingness. It’s feelings I love feeling and hope to create in others.

Thank you so much for this question!

"May I ask your age? What is your greatest passion in life? What is your biggest turn off?"
- Anonymous

I’m 25.
My greatest passion in life is loving people and making things well.
My biggest turn off in other people would be carelessness or inconsideration.

"what are your 1. Biggest pet peeves 2. Favorite hair spray 3. Favorite nail polish color?"
- babygal88

1. When strangers stand too close to me.
2. Tresemme, I love how evenly it sprays.
3. Classic bold red.


"What are some of your fetishes?"
- wookieebutt

See below.

"What is your favorite brand of stockings?"
- Anonymous

Agent provocateur.